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    New in Serialized Fiction - Published on September 25, 2014

    The Killing Hand by Steven Clark

      Carson suspected something was wrong as soon as he saw the man from the telegraph office push in through the Palace's batwings. In carrying out his duties as a U.S. marshal, Carson Evers frequently sent telegrams from the office at Haynesville, so he recognized the telegraph agent the instant the portly little man stepped foot in the saloon. Keep Reading...

    New Short Stories - Published on September 25, 2014

    A Hankering by J. R. Lindermuth

      Jack Slade had a hankering for sausage. He stomped up to the saloon and paused, squinting down the road. Not a critter, man nor beast, stirred. This was to his liking and he spat off to one side. A stiff breeze blew grit from the east, though, and that wasn't a good predictor for any day. Jack scratched under his chin, then across his ribs. He spat once more and went inside. Keep Reading...

    Enjoy the Honey by John Laneri

      Sheriff Matt Carson first noticed the bee when it flew from a prickly pear to the wooden casket containing the remains of the Honorable Theodore Busard.

      At the time, the Sheriff was standing with a group of people at the cemetery, wiping sweat from his brow while reflecting on the final minutes of the Judge's career - which so the story goes, ended with a smile during his last visit to Aunt Jillie's Boarding House.

      Keep Reading...


    Roy Palvadeau

    Comic Strip

    Jud Nelson


    Kenneth Mark Hoover

    New Historical Articles - Published on September 25, 2014

    Scooping Black Bart by Daniel J. Demers


      The news of Black Bart's arrest had made the papers a few days earlier but beyond that little was known about the mysterious stage robber. He was taken to San Andreas, Calaveras County, pled guilty and was sentenced. Keep Reading...

    John Wesley Hardin: Folk Hero or Murderer? by Matthew Pizzolato


      As with any historical figure, there are quite a few myths surrounding the life of John Wesley Hardin. Simply put, Hardin was a product of his time. He led a tumultuous and violent lifestyle, as did most men who carried a gun during the settling of this country. He lived by the gun and he died by it too. Keep Reading...

    John Henry Holliday: The Fury and the Fire by Mike Pizzolato


      John Henry "Doc" Holliday walks alongside the Earps-Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan-as the group heads down Fourth Street and turns onto Fremont on this chilly October afternoon. Keep Reading...

    Rolling Back Tombstone: Earp's Star Soars by Mike Pizzolato


      Wyatt goes into town on a fall afternoon in 1927, gets away from Josephine for a while, and for a quarter, enjoys his favorite pastime, taking in a cowboy movie. He loves those movies. They remind him of his wild, well-spent youth in Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arizona. He stays over when the movie ends and watches the credits roll. Keep Reading...

    The Western Online Mercantile

    Serialized Fiction - Published on September 1, 2014

    The Jehrico Collection Part 12: Jehrico and Chico the Mexican Orphan by Tom Sheehan

    "I swear," stammered Collie Sizemore as he spouted to the patrons in Hagen's Saloon in Bola City, "this gent out there has a little tyke with him looks the spittin' image of Jehrico." He was looking out the door of the saloon at the hitching rail. "Kid has the same eyes lookin' at things like he's ameasurin' any way to get more out of it that's been dead for so long it's rusted or broke or half what it once was, and if that ain't a clue for some shenanigans, I'd take it home and mother it, so to speak. You never saw the look-alike like this look-alike." Keep Reading...

    Read the previously published installments of The Jehrico Collection.

    The Jericho Collection is a thirteen part novella that will be serialized at The Western Online. A new story will be published on the first of each month.

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