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    Six New Short Stories - Published on May 22, 2015

    A Woman Comes to Hazy by Stephanie L. Rose

      The day she came to live in our little town the sun was shining bright. No one had seen anything like her before. The darkest brown hair you ever did see, and when she stepped off the train and into the sunlight, why, her hair fairly sparkled red. Everyone on the street stopped and stared, even the womenfolk, and folks inside crowded to the windows to see why it'd got quiet all of a sudden. Keep Reading...

    Charley's Final Gift by J.R. Lindermuth

      Charley came 'round the Horn at the beginning of the rush and progressed from camp to camp across the Sierras with the horde of other Argonauts, Chinee and other foreigners, battling the elements and the Indians for a share of the wealth that never fell to his lot. Keep Reading...

    Boyd Rode Alone by Matt Cole

      Alvin Boyd was a killer. He confirmed it now as he backed slowly out of the Alcove Spring Bank with a smoking Colt in one hand and a gunnysack full of money in the other. The teller had made a move for the pistol underneath the money counter. Alvin Boyd's bullet had caught the unfortunate man between the eyes. Keep Reading...

    The Senator's Visit by John Laneri

      Most Saturday mornings, Sheriff Matt Carson bypasses the town cafe and heads straight for breakfast at Aunt Jillie's Boarding House — a place known throughout Texas as the finest establishment in Neverton, a small community along the cattle trail to Fort Worth. Keep Reading...

    Remember Me in the Halls of Valhalla by Kenneth Mark Hoover

      Before John Marwood became a federal marshal in Haxan he rode with a band of killers on the Mexican border. These violent men were led by Abram Botis, an apostate from the Old Country. This brief story is from those days.... Keep Reading...

    Lead Belly Markham by Michael LeCompte

      Clint Markham folded the letter from his father and gazed, deep in thought, out the window of the passenger car of the Southern Pacific Railroad he was riding in. The plains rolled gently by, seemingly endless, wide open, desolate. . .lonely, as he chugged westward.. Keep Reading...


    Roy Palvadeau

    Comic Strip

    Jud Nelson


    Kenneth Mark Hoover

    New Historical Articles - Published on November 7, 2014

    New York City, Wild West USA by John A. Vikara


      "Go west, young man," was the advice of John Souce but made famous by Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune in 1851. From then until the twentieth century there was a constant shifting of people, first westward and then back, a weaving of events or personal circumstances that, like opposite poles of an invisible magnet, attracted personalities between New York City and the Wild West. Keep Reading...

    Scooping Black Bart by Daniel J. Demers


      The news of Black Bart's arrest had made the papers a few days earlier but beyond that little was known about the mysterious stage robber. He was taken to San Andreas, Calaveras County, pled guilty and was sentenced. Keep Reading...

    John Wesley Hardin: Folk Hero or Murderer? by Matthew Pizzolato


      As with any historical figure, there are quite a few myths surrounding the life of John Wesley Hardin. Simply put, Hardin was a product of his time. He led a tumultuous and violent lifestyle, as did most men who carried a gun during the settling of this country. He lived by the gun and he died by it too. Keep Reading...

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