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    New Short Stories - Published on November 6, 2014

    A Sister For Five Brothers by Stephanie L. Rose

      At noon three McAllister brothers put down their shovels and wire cutters and took up canteens of sun-warmed water.

      Jess wiped his face with a blue bandana stained dark with sweat. "I declare the sun's hotter'n grease in a fryin' pan." Keep Reading...

    Justice in Deaf Smith by Michael Collins

      Ten miles west of Waxahachie Creek, he found old Arbor Clayton scalped to the bone, choice pickings for carrion fowl and coyotes. Texas Marshall James Skelton stared toward the horizon. The desert landscape was barren: a wash of pale sand, scrub brush, and the occasional pile of bones bleached white under the August sun. Keep Reading...

    Make Haste Slowly by John Porter

      On a sweltering morning in 1877, a young man galloped his horse to Shanssey's Saloon in Fort Griffin, Texas. He dismounted, threw his reins over a hitching post, and hurried through the batwing doors. He stopped at the bar, behind which Mr. Shanssey slowly dried a beer glass. Keep Reading...

    New in Serialized Fiction - Published on October 25, 2014

    The Killing Hand by Steven Clark

      Carson suspected something was wrong as soon as he saw the man from the telegraph office push in through the Palace's batwings. In carrying out his duties as a U.S. marshal, Carson Evers frequently sent telegrams from the office at Haynesville, so he recognized the telegraph agent the instant the portly little man stepped foot in the saloon. Keep Reading...


    Roy Palvadeau

    Comic Strip

    Jud Nelson


    Kenneth Mark Hoover

    New Historical Articles - Published on November 7, 2014

    New York City, Wild West USA by John A. Vikara


      "Go west, young man," was the advice of John Souce but made famous by Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune in 1851. From then until the twentieth century there was a constant shifting of people, first westward and then back, a weaving of events or personal circumstances that, like opposite poles of an invisible magnet, attracted personalities between New York City and the Wild West. Keep Reading...

    Scooping Black Bart by Daniel J. Demers


      The news of Black Bart's arrest had made the papers a few days earlier but beyond that little was known about the mysterious stage robber. He was taken to San Andreas, Calaveras County, pled guilty and was sentenced. Keep Reading...

    John Wesley Hardin: Folk Hero or Murderer? by Matthew Pizzolato


      As with any historical figure, there are quite a few myths surrounding the life of John Wesley Hardin. Simply put, Hardin was a product of his time. He led a tumultuous and violent lifestyle, as did most men who carried a gun during the settling of this country. He lived by the gun and he died by it too. Keep Reading...

    The Western Online Mercantile

    Serialized Fiction - Published on October 1, 2014

    The Jehrico Collection Part 13: Jehrico Finds a Mistress by Tom Sheehan

    Jehrico, as we all know by now, knew what he was right from his first pick-up, which was a token-type horseshoe. From then on he was a collector of things tossed aside, and Jehrico assumed that the Indian woman he was now looking upon had been thrown aside, like so many of the tossed parts he had retrieved and made something of in his foraging about the old west, his land of discovery and recovery. In fact, the token-type horseshoe, at his insistence, was made into a Bowie knife by a Mexican blacksmith whose father had fought for a time at the Alamo and came away with stories about Jim Bowie. Unwittingly, Jehrico had started his small business with that token-type horseshoe. Keep Reading...

    Read the previously published installments of The Jehrico Collection.

    Fiction  |  Artwork  |  Historical Articles   |   Book Reviews

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