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    New Short Story Published!

    Rubicon by Elisabeth Grace Foley

      They reached the bluff at sunset. Below they could see the ford of the river rippling wide and shallow and muddy, and on the other side of the river the clean brown slash of the dusty road cutting away through the sagebrush. There was an orange cast of light over everything: on the few spires of rock standing up alongside the road, on the necks of their horses, on their own faces and hands. Keep Reading...

    Historical Articles

    Running Irons by G.R. Williamson


      In Texas, one of the quickest ways to be strung up by your neck was to be caught carrying "running irons" rolled up in your bedroll. The mere possession of these rustler's tools meant an on-the-spot trial for the rider that usually resulted in a rancher hollering, "String him up!" No judge, no lawyers, no arguing - just pure and simple justice. Keep Reading...

    The Oatman Massacre by Gary Every


      On February 18th, 1851 a covered wagon climbed the steep bank rising above the Gila River. On board the covered wagon were Royce and Mary Oatman with their seven children ranging in age from seventeen to one year of age. A group of Native American warriors attacked the wagon in what became known as the Oatman Massacre. Keep Reading...


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    Fiction  |  Artwork  |  Historical Articles   |   Book Reviews

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