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Published on September 4, 2011

The Western Online ™

The Western Online ™ (™ was started by editor-in-chief Matthew Pizzolato as a short story Western site on September 4, 2009. The below image, a flaming steer logo in orange flames with blue lettering that is overlaid with the words, "," has been used regularly and continuously since The Western Online's inception in artwork, banners, YouTube videos and social media to represent the trademark for The Western Online™. Michael T. Pizzolato, associate editor and art director, created the flaming steer image for the opening of the site.

Flaming Steer ©

The following images were created by Michael T. Pizzolato, associate editor and art director of The Western Online™ for exclusive use of the site.

Burning Steer Skull ©

The Roundup ©

Showdown at Sundown ©

The Western Online Cartoon ©

Jud Nelson - Texas Ranger ©

Chrome Steer ©

Radiant Horse ©

© Copyright 2009-2011 by Matthew Pizzolato & Michael T. Pizzolato. All Rights Reserved.

Now Accepting Submissions!

Open Deadline

The submission period for The Western Online is now open. Send us your stories and artwork. See our Submission Guidelines.

The Western Online is a token market and currently has an open-ended submission period. That means that we offer flat token payments. $5.00 per story regardless of the length and $3.00 per piece of artwork or article. The submission period is always open with no deadline. Your work will be published upon acceptance and you will be paid upon publication. You must have a paypal account to be paid or you must include your mailing address along with your submission so we can mail you a check.

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